Diesel Bike Project – Update

Today lots of work has been done.

I have connected the primary drive up, and first time it was spot on alignment!

I have also attached my chain tensioning device and refitted the clutch! I have packed the bearings in the clutch with bearing grease. I will need to remove the clutch again to reattach the rear drive chain (and I need to remove the gearbox to attach the gasket! (doh!) , so I will inspect the bearings then to see if there is any obvious wear on those.

I will also need to re-route the clutch and throttle cables, as at the moment when you turn the handlebars it revs the engine :(

Also I will need to pull apart the wiring which I think is going to be harder than I initially thought :(

I have also connected up the fuel system and have filled the primary diesel tank with fuel, the secondary tank (for veg oil) has not been fitted yet, but the piping is set-up for it. The engine now starts and stop and idles on Diesel fuel from the fuel tank

Pictures of the primary drive and fuel switching valve below:


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