Diesel Bike Project – Update

Bad news! My gearbox broke after a nice ride out through hammersmith! I lost 3rd and 4th gear!

After dismantling the Villiers 4 speed gearbox, it appears as though the high gear pinion sheared a tooth, and that a pawl snapped off from the selector, oh dear!

Here is the culprit:

and the selector pawls that stopped me changing gear 🙁

we can quite clearly see whats gone on here!

This is where they sit, in the selector mechanism:


and the puzzle that I am going to have to re-assemble later!:

oh well, After a heavy dose of break cleaner and a lot of elbow gerase, all the parts are squeaky clean and ready to go back together, All new oil seals and o rings should prevent my oil from leaking out and causing this issue again in the future! I have replaced the high gear pinion, the selector pawls, the main bearing and all seals. When these have all arrived I will post another update with the assembly.

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