Dual Trip meters based on tank selection – Diesel bike

I would like to measure fuel usage accurately, but using 2 tanks, theres an issue using the one built into the clocks!

After some thought, I settled on 2 mountain bike computers, and a relay. The relay will allow the sensor to be switched between 2 units, based on the tank selection.

The crappy circuit diagram:

So basically, when the diesel tank is selected the relay is unernergized, and the reed switch is connected to the diesel gauge, then when veg is selected, the relay is energised and the sensor is switched to the veg gauge.

Some pics of the wiring:

The red wire on the left goes to the veg + switch. and the black is the vehicle ground.

The relay is then mounted on the front fork, along with the magnetic sensor. Once that was done, All I had to do was measure the circumference of the wheel, input it into both gauges, and mount them on the fuel tank.

Initial readings show them to be 99% accurate compared to the gps, which im happy with 🙂

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