Repairing a broken 12v impact gun

I recently needed the use of my impact socket when doing some work on the new vepsa and noticed that it would only work in the clockwise direction.

Trying to use it anticlockwise caused it to spin briefly and stop. I also noticed that the torque selection screen didn’t work.
I pulled it apart:


After unscrewing the circuit board, it was obvious why it wasn’t working properly. The mosfet on the left hand side is only attached by the centre pin. Some high quality Chinese craftsmanship right there….


I De-soldered the mosfet and, as the pins looked like they were about to break off, soldered fly leads onto the mosfet and surrounded it with hot glue:

I then re-soldered the correct wires to the correct pins, and hot glued it back onto the board,  I also did the same to the other mosfet so it didn’t happen again.

I then screwed the whole thing back together! All sorted, and the screen works again :


Happy days! Nice simple fix.


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  1. How about downsizing images to something smaller than football field in future. Would make it easier for people like me with a less than average connection to view the site. Otherwise nice job thanks mate.

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