Vespa Et4 Carb Cleaning PT2

As a follow on from part one of the carb cleaning, I will be covering the use of the ultrasonic cleaner I purchased and information about the rest of the cleaning process.

To be clear, this is what the carb looked like before it was ultrasonically cleaned. It had been manually cleaned with carb cleaner at this point:



Off it goes into the ultrasonic cleaner:


The initial cleaning run was done with the carb basically fully assembled. Once this had run 2-3 cycles, I dismantled it and ran it again.

It has been noted that you shouldn’t run the carb floats in the ultrasonic cleaners as the ultrasonic s affect the plastic seams. I didn’t have a drift to remove mine so they went in as well. They are still air tight so no issues there 🙂

The following pictures are what it looked like after running through some ultrasonic cleaning cycles 🙂

As you can see, it has done a very very good job, I will defo recommend anybody that needs to clean up old parts to use an ultrasonic cleaner. You will note on the above pictures that the dirty looking section is actually corrosion. I ended up cleaning this with a wire wheel on the dremel.

Keeping up with the annoyance level, one of the float bowl screws was BADLY corroded in, I ended up having to drill the top of the screw out, snap the remained shaft out, and even after drilling and grinding half the hole away, the remainder stayed put


After some minor surgery:

I ended up drilling as much out as possible and using a grinding wheel, My new fixing method is to use a bolt and nut as there isn’t really a hole or thread left 🙂



All in all a major pain in the butt, if they hadn’t used dissimilar metals then the corrosion wouldn’t have help the screw in so tightly. Also, if they had capped the whole instead of letting the bottom portion of the screw stick out that would have prevented it from occurring!


Anyway, all in all very happy. Just need to replace the seals, rebuild the whole thing and its done!



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