New Diesel bike project

Recently I have been thinking that the current diesel bike is a bit of an odd bike. Its a bit too small for me to ride around comfortably, and as its was my first real bike build, its full of problems.

As such, I have bought a new bike for the future diesel project.

A 1991 Yamaha XJ600 Pre Diversion:



This will serve as the basis for my Kubota conversion, it will have an (OIL TIGHT!) villiers box with a kubota Z482 engine in it eventually. Running gear wise its pretty good. The front brakes need rebuilding, so I have master cylinder seals, caliper seals and new brake lines on their way, other than that its pretty tidy, new battery, new fuse box, heated grips. 42,000 miles and it runs pretty well. All from eBay for just over 400.

The plan is to ride it around for 3-4 months until I can get a Fazer as my daily rider, then swap out the 400cc Diesel from the superdream and the running gear into this. It will give me an opportunity to do the wiring correctly this time as the frame much bigger, I should be able to fit the engine and gearbox into this without any problems.

All in all a pretty good choice im hoping! 🙂 Stay subscribed for updates on this project in the near future 🙂 (dont worry, the vespa is coming along nicely, im not getting much time to work on it due to work comittments and Christmas)


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