HID projector installation in a 2001 Fazer 600

I recently bought a 2001 FZS 600, and one of the first things I noticed was how crap the headlights are. There are talks on the Fazer owners club of wiring up the second bulb so that both headlights illuminate at once, but I thought I would go one step further.

I have in the past installed HID headlights in previous bikes, and with HID’s its important to install projector optics, to prevent dazzling other road users (and being pulled over etc etc). After a quick search for the smallest HID projectors I could find, I  scored a pair of hi-low projectors, with White angel eyes (you can get them in other colors, but it wont be legal). The hi-low functionality is done with a solenoid actuated shutter that gets moved when you press turn on the high beams.

I was also installing some LED running lights in the centre of the fairing at the front whilst I had it off the bike.


Step 1 – Remove the fairing from the bike. 

I did not take pictures of this, but essentially you need to remove the black plastic clip bolts, pull away the infill plastic, remove the interior bolts holding the headlight cluster to the front rails and remove the wing mirrors. Unplug the indicators and pull the fairing off 🙂


Step 2 – Remove the headlight unit

Remove the headlight from the front fairing and remove the bulbs. This is done by removing the 4 screws at each corner of the headlight.



Step 3 – Split the headlight 

To get the projectors in, we will have to split the headlight casing. The front and rear halves are held together with plastic clips and sealing silicone. To split them, you need to heat the headlight unit at the seams and prise it apart. I first gave it a go with a hair dryer but found that the whole thing cooled too quickly to pull them apart, so I put it in the oven at gas mark 2 for about 5 minutes. You must keep a eye on the headlight unit to ensure it dosent melt.


Once the headlight units are  split, give the insides a clean up and have a look to see how the projectors would fit.

Step 4 – Test fit the projectors

This is the unit I am fitting:


It has a nylon ring on the back and a large wingnut, together with a H4 adapter. That is fine for the left hand side headlight, but not the right hand side which is a H1 bulb. On the left hand side, I cut a small notch to the side to allow for the hi-low and angel ring cables to exit the headlight area, as below:

On the right hand side, we have to remove all the extra plastic for the h1 bulb to allow the projector to fit centrally. See below:

I also created the indent for the cables similar to the left hand side.

Once fitted, make sure the Projectors are level with each other (otherwise you wont be able to align them). You will be left with this:

This picture illustrates the metal plate that fits into the H4 opening.

A bad picture of the angel eyes illuminated:

Once the general alignment is correct, its time to refit the front of the headlight. This time, I heated it up with a hair dryer and pressed the front lenses back into place, ensuring that all the clips re-clip with the housing.

Step 5 – Wiring

This bit isn’t too bad, the kit comes with a relay that is pre wired and requires a connection to the battery, a connector that goes into the old headlight connector and the connectors that go to the ballast and hi-low solenoids.

I wired the new LED running light into the side light circuit along with the angel eye inverter. I first tried putting it underneath the headlight unit but realised that the headlight mounting bracket would interfere, so I glued it in the middle of the back of the headlight unit.

The side light wiring was cut and the additional wires where soldered in and then heatshrunk back together.

The above photo illustrates where the LED running light was installed.

Step 6 – Locate and install the Ballasts

I chose the glue the ballast to the inside left and right parts of the fairing. I keyed the back surface of the ballasts and used hot glue to install them. This way they will not be seen once the infill is put back into place.


The last step is to reinstall the fairing into the bike and align the headlights. You should take the opportunity to align the left/right beam with themselves as the projectors have a pattern like this:

Keep in mind this is not an actual picture of mine, but illustrates out of alignment on the horizontal plane. in the UK the cut-off is inverted, up to the left rather than up to the right in this image.

I aligned the projectors horizontal so that the cut-offs overlapped. When they are re-installed into the bike I will find a white wall and align the vertical beam.

I will provide pictures once they are installed onto the bike, hopefully tomorrow.



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  1. Nice write up, thanks! I’m going to get some of those projector lens too, as I was also shocked at how bad the stock headlights are in the dark! Cheers

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