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I am aware that at the moment, if you try and subscribe from within chrome, my site will say your email address is invalid.

I am working on this and will post with an update when its resolved.


EDIT – All fixed!

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New Diesel bike build starts

After removing some fencing and some seriously damp bike moving, I have the bikes in the garden and a wooden platform built, ready for the transformation!

This will be a move of the running gear from the superdream to the xj initially, so a 400cc Yanmar clone, one fuel tank this time and simple is the name of the game. It should be reliable and work well. When I have the funds, I will switch to a kubota engine. 🙂

It was a tight fit!




IMG_20130214_141515 IMG_20130213_154249 IMG_20130213_154304

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Simple heater repair

I have an upright heater that has a digital control panel on it, and the power button started playing up and not responding.

I pulled the thing apart and found it has 6 surface mount buttons, and the power one had broken inside:



The power button had lost its click. I knicked the set timer button off the pcb, as I didnt have any spare, and I never use that function anyway. I de-soldered the old button and chucked it in the bin:




Luckily for me, the swich locations are illustrated on the PCB. I soldered in the switch into the power location.

All back together and its working well again. A relatively simple post, but effective nontheless!

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