LED Indicator boards – FZS600

Since I recently completed the LED brake light boards for my fazer, I thought it would be fitting to do the indicators as well.

I know you can buy LED indicators for motorbikes from a fair few places, but I always have bad luck with them. Either they are very dim, or half the LED’s go out after a while, or they look odd etc.

Anyway, I made some small LED boards using protoboard and yellow Superflux LED’s. I then put them inside the indicator lenses and used the old bulbs bases so should be easy to swap back to standard if I want at any point.

IMG_20130201_114955 IMG_20130201_195251


For some reason, I created a template a while back and it had the two bits that stick up either side,  I ended up removing them so they would fit. Each board has 24 LED’s with 6 leds in each string and an 82ohm resistor on each string.

I then used a soldering iron with a spare blade to melt some corners into the indicator lense so that the board and LED’s would fit:



With the boards in place, I then used the soldering iron to melt them into place in the lenses, once done, I removed the glass from the old indicator bulbs and soldered the wires onto the the wires in the bulb base. I then taped it all up and tested it out:

IMG_20130202_135359 IMG_20130202_140239

A video of the indicators in action(I used an LED indicator relay as well) :

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3 thoughts on “LED Indicator boards – FZS600

    • Pretty bright, about 15% brighter than bulbs. The LED indicator relay was a generic one from ebay, yup, the same as a flasher unit, its known by a couple of things, ebay item number 270803150645 is a good example.

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