How to change dashboard lights to LED on a W210 E class Mercedes


On my old W210, I exchanged the cluster bulbs after 3 of them blew at once (which was odd). I recently did It again for my new w210 and documented it.

The Mercedes documentation for this is pretty bad, especially concerning blub types and locations etc.


You will require 6X 509T LED bulbs and 2 x T5 wedge bulbs . I bought mine from, but they failed after about a year so you will have to locate other sources (ebay etc)

509t bulbs:



T5 wedge bulbs (in the bases from the clocks)


Start off by pulling the clocks out. You can either use the mercedes removal tools (expensive), coathanger (not very succesfull for me) or you can push the clocks out from behind.

To do that, remove the panel underneath the steering wheel (3 screws) and put your arm up and behind the dash and push the clocks out. This should move then enough to give you purchase and pull the clocks out.

Make sure your key is not in the ignition when you unplug the connectors from the clocks, or you will log an SRS code and the light will illuminate.

You will then see this:



The white arrows point to the bulbs that you need to replace.

The larger 2 bulbs will require some assembly. Remove them from the clocks, and then remove the glass bulb portion. I had to then shorten my LED bulbs slightly, so that they didnt touch the inside of the clocks when I re-inserted them. I did this by melting a bit of the plastic with a soldering iron.

As the LED bulbs are polarity sensitive, you may need to fit them, then plug in and turn the headlights on to see which are lighting up and which arent. Once they are all lit up, you should have a dashboard like this:



In this picture my camera glares quite a bit, but its not as glarey in person 🙂

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