XJ 600 Diesel bike

Good news, its passed its mot with an advisory for noise, but thats it.

I have now ridden about 250 miles without any issues, currently using the bike for commuting and running errands.

So far so good, I have implemented some fixes to the shafts that stick out of the right hand side to try and stem the oil leak from there. I must keep a close eye on the geabox level!.

Some pictures:
IMG_20130819_091828 (1)



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XJ 600 Diesel bike build update

I recently managed to get the XJ600 out of the garden and onto the street to give it a propert test run!

Everything went fine! Gearbox and clutch worked correctly, clutch was a bit snatchy but we will see if that disappears!

The rear break needs work as well, the lever is in the wrong place and doesnt give the correct levereage. Apart from that, all seems well.

Video below:



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