XJ 600 Diesel bike – Water injection

Right, so part of the quest to keep the bike running well, I have fitted a water injection system to ensure that ring gumming is kept to a minimum.

This system is very simple and is made entirely from a very cheap 1.2L windscreen washer kit (this one to be specific: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111091290718?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2648)

First step was to modify one of the washer jets so that it produced a mist rather than a stream. This was carried out using a old soldering iron tip, and melting the the front face of the jet so that it was completely blocked, then using a very small heated nail to make a very small pin hole. Its hard to see in the picture:



The next step was to insert the jet into the intake. I had created an intake extension out of plastic for my K+N air filter, so this bit was quite easy as its plastic.

I cut out the shape for the jet and inserted into the hole, it was then glued in place from the outside (so to ensure no glue would be sucked into the engine if it fell off). Its at an odd angle as the jet does not exit in a straight line from the jet.

IMG_20130904_115448 IMG_20130904_115454 IMG_20130904_115549 IMG_20130904_120444


The remainder is easy, fit the tank, run the wiring and check the flow rate.

IMG_20130904_141945 IMG_20130904_141941 IMG_20130904_141953


Getting the flow right was the most difficult. I ended up using a hairpin shaped peice of metal over the delivery pipe, and held the revs at 3500rpm. I then ran the pump and kept compressing the clip over the pipe until the engine stopped bogging down. I confirmed that water was still flowing by looking through the intake. Happy days!

I will run 1.2 liters through the engine on each tank full, I will also be keeping a close eye on engine oil for signs of polymerisation.

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