BMW F800 ST Projector headlight installation

I have recent part exchanged my FZS600 for a 2007 BMW F800 ST. The BMW is a lovely bike, but has had a fair few things go wrong with it already, so stay subscribed for lots of posts on how to fix various things on it!

This is a post on how to install projector headlights. I am a big fan of Xenon headlights, but hate blinding people with xenon bulbs with halogen optics. To get around this, the best way to install projector optics inside the halogen housing.

I have done this for my Honda Varadero, my FZS600 and now my F800 ST. The details will be pretty sparse, as I covered most of the required steps here and here.

First was to buy the projectors. I always source mine from from ebay china sellers, but some people like to pay extra for well regarded optics, in which case, I can reccomend the morimoto projectors.

Next is to split the housing, insert the projector insert and sort the wiring. This is all covered in the older posts.

I also swapped out the sidelight bulb with an led bulb. I wired my HID ballasts through the original sockets, to keep bulb warnings from showing. I also used a high/low projector with a solenoid inside, giving me 2 bulbs worth of brightness at high beam.

Some pics:

IMG_20131215_120307 IMG_20131215_120254 IMG_20131215_120321 IMG_20131215_150709 IMG_20131215_153144 IMG_20131215_153147 IMG_20131215_153215

High beam


Low beam


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3 thoughts on “BMW F800 ST Projector headlight installation

  1. Quick question: Did you put in the oven to remove the plastic glass? What temperature? I have the bi-xenon projector ready, but don’t want to bugger up the headlight unit as its my wifes bike!!

    • Yes, gas oven, at gask mark 4, but only for 2-3 minutes at a time, until the sealant was tacky, then pry it off its clips and insert a spacer (bit of card etc) and go all the way round, eventually it will pop open.

      Also, make sure you put a piece of card or something in the oven, to stop the metal melting the headlight 🙂

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