R230 “Restoration”

Not feeling happy with my functioning car, I have bought a project vehicle.

A 2003 Mercedes SL500. Yes, I Agree, a 2003 SL500 shouldn’t need restoration, but somebody has neglected this car on many aspects, and so now it needs a fair few jobs carrying out. 95,000 miles and mechanicaly sound.

First off, some lovely pictures:


Some of the issues that need to be resolved include:

  • ABC pulsation damper
  • ABC fluid flush and new filter
  • Crank pulley needs replacing
  • Roof leaks at the front edge onto your lap
  • Dashboard leather has been abused
  • Door car leather seriously abused (may need replacing)
  • Passenger window doesnt go up or down
  • Throttle pedal logs a fault when used to 100%
  • Tank baffles rattling around
  • Some bodywork (mostly) rust free though!
  • SRS light on
  • Keyless go handles faulty
  • Keyless go cards missing
  • Wing mirror adjustment switch broken

Going forward, I will document this restoration so that this lovely car is brought back to its former glory.

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