R230 Restoration – Dented dashboard leather

This R230 has a relatively rare option of full leather dash and center console.

In the past, somebody has put something hard on it and created a load of dents:

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I got a heat gun on it and worked the areas slowly, making sure to keep the heat gun moving at all times. I started on a lower heat setting and worked my way up until all of sudden the dents disappeared:

20150713_154628 20150713_154634 (Medium)


The glove box seems a bit too far gone though, very hard to find second hand so may have to put up with that for a while:

20150713_154638 (Medium)


The brown marks where me going slightly over temperature on the leather. A good clean with some leather cleaner and a bit of time and the marks have faded. These pictures where taken with a 20 watt LED torch which makes them seem a lot worse. In reality you can’t see the marks.


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