Ultrafire BRC 18650 LI-ion battery test

So, I run my head torch from a batch of these batteries. They are cheap and have a claimed capacity of 5000mAh


I found that the head torch would drain with two of these batteries installed, in around 30 minutes or so.

I always figured that the head torch just used a vast amount of power, but then I saw this online:

Turns out, most of the cheapo “too good to be true” priced batteries are completely fake, and look like the above! Also important to note, they lack any over-current protection circuitry. Not to mention the fact that they have fire in the name.

I thought I would test the capacity at 0.1a discharge rate and was pretty surprised.

I tested it with a Lipo battery charger with a discharge mode, its not like to be 100% accurate, but close enough.


368 mAh…..

That’s all!

Save your cash and buy something genuine, it will literally be at least 6 times better.

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