W123 – Alternator Bracket

A lot of the jobs on this 123 are delayed by having to fix the previous owners bodges and damage.

A simple belt change was a pain in the …. as the previous mechanic had over tightened the alternator tensioner bracket.

This meant that the alternator had one position, which in this case, was over tight!

Alternator mounting bracket

Hmm Rather bent

After a bit of work with a hammer and a vice, I had it pretty straight:

160424-IMG_20160424_135214730 160424-IMG_20160424_135217772

Cleaned up with a wire brush, and a couple of coats of satin blackĀ (as ed china loves):

160424-IMG_20160424_152154168 160424-IMG_20160424_152202125

On the car and no more squeaking!


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W123 – Rust touchup and other stuff

Today, I removed the tow bar on the 123.

I am never going to tow with it, and I think it looks a bit rubbish.

Here it is with the tow bar. Its bolted onto the frame of the car underneath the rear bumper and is also bolted into the boot floor.

After lots of wrestling with bolts I had the bumper off:

I was rather worried when I was removing the tow bar as there appeared to be lots of hidden rust (ad said “No rust anywhere!” ha)

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W123 – Injector rebuild and calibration

My 123 240D has 230,000 on the clock, and I am willing to bet its genuine!

At traffic lights etc, it has been blowing out white smoke, which is normally an indication of poor injector spray pattern. It also gives intermittent diesel knock at part loads and idle. Time to replace the nozzles in the injectors and give them a clean and calibration!

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