Nissan Leaf battery Cell test data

I have carried out capacity tests for two types of Nissan leaf modules.

24KWH pack module (500WH Module):


The module contains 4 cells (33AH each), 2S2P configuration. This test data is from 2 of the P cells.
From 4.19V to 3.00V @ 20A

Despite multiple cycles, all I could get was 47.39 AH out of 2P Cells. These packs have approx 800 cycles on them.

the 2018 Leaf comes with a 39,46 KWH Pack. Each module is now 8 Cells (56AH each) 2S2P X 2 (essentially 2 of the old modules combined)

39.46KWH pack module (1670 WH Module):


From 4.18 to 3.00V @ 20A

The best I could get out of these is 105.7AH out of 2P Cells. These packs are essentially new.

Very impressive! Nearly 2.5 times the capacity in the same space. The voltage sag seems to be a bit better too.

These new packs will go into the Fazer and should give it a 85+ Mile range.

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