The Big Knock 2014

Last week was the The big knock 2014. At the bat and ball pub it was an excellent 4 days or so camping, and a large variety of diesel bikes turned up, a fair few of them too!

The ride out was also a great experience, especially good to see a couple of trikes and, of course, the sprocket!

Here are some pictures of the Diesel bike rally.

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XJ600 Diesel bike – Electric decompression release

I do a lot of riding in traffic, and especially during rush hour, I can sit at traffic lights for 2 minutes at a time. As a result, I thought of turning the engine off whilst sitting at these lights to save fuel, as thats what these bikes are all about!

On my L100, I have a remote compression release in the form of a choke cable attached to my fairing. This arrangement is fine when getting going, pull the lever, press starter, release lever off you go. This arrangment is cumbersome if you are at a traffic light and its starting to change so I had the idea of rigging up some sort of electric release so that I could actuate it from a button on the handlebars.

Initially I looked at solenoids, servos and motors but they where either too expensive on their own, or too complicated to control. I then stumbled upon a couple of door lock actuators on ebay. These are essentially 2 wire motors with a gear reduction and a nice hook on the end, apply 12v one way the rod moves in, apply it the other way it moves out. Heres what it looks like:



Its a pretty simple design, and at £5.80 ridiculously cheap. Great for a gamble in case it didnt work.

After I tested it to ensure there was enough movement and force produced I set to work installing it.

I bolted it to the bracing peice that holds my air filter in place, it puts it right in line for the decompression lever. There is enough space for it there and its pretty well hidden. I swapped out my “passing” switch for one that can handle 5 amps current and wired the output to the actuator.

I used a zip tie to attach it to the decompression lever which allows for some fine tuning and is strong enough.


IMG_20140415_152235 IMG_20140415_152258


Here is the manual decompression release:



All in all works pretty well and the engine can be restarted without taking my hands off the handlebars

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XJ 600 Diesel bike – L100 injector cleaner

Recent issues with a dodgy fuel pump on my L100 engined Diesel bike has been causing problems!


I had some sediment go past my primary fuel filter and get stuck in my injector which was a pain!
A new injection pump was fitted and some injector cleaner ran through the system but I still had issues, mainly really bad diesel knock and very hard starting.

I initially suspected a blocked/faulty fuel injector, considering it has had WVO running through it, so I pulled it from the engine.

This is what it looked like before cleaning:

IMG_20131109_134342 IMG_20131109_134348


A quick trip in the ultrasonic bath:



and after:

IMG_20131109_141109 IMG_20131109_141117


Turns out, that didnt help at all! It was the injection pump causing the problem, as a second replacement injection pump sorted the problem! Happy days.

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