XJ 600 Diesel bike – L100 injector cleaner

Recent issues with a dodgy fuel pump on my L100 engined Diesel bike has been causing problems!


I had some sediment go past my primary fuel filter and get stuck in my injector which was a pain!
A new injection pump was fitted and some injector cleaner ran through the system but I still had issues, mainly really bad diesel knock and very hard starting.

I initially suspected a blocked/faulty fuel injector, considering it has had WVO running through it, so I pulled it from the engine.

This is what it looked like before cleaning:

IMG_20131109_134342 IMG_20131109_134348


A quick trip in the ultrasonic bath:



and after:

IMG_20131109_141109 IMG_20131109_141117


Turns out, that didnt help at all! It was the injection pump causing the problem, as a second replacement injection pump sorted the problem! Happy days.

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